De Natuur spreekt: Sky/De Lucht

Joan Chen spreekt:

Look up!
There I am
I am the Sky
I am a warm and protective blanket
Wrapped around everyone on Earth
I can bring clouds, rain, and wind
I can be an ice storm
Without me, you’d fry
Every day, I am the breath you take in
Yet you are making me sick
I am congested
You see, I am more delicate than you think
It took millions of years to get it just right
My perfect mix of gases, temperature and weather, that you enjoy
But now your cars, your factories, and dust
They have pushed me past the limit
And you wonder why my typhoons and tornadoes are more intense?
More frequent?
I have become unpredictable
Less rain here
A lot more rain there
Hotter summers
Colder winters
I cannot even control myself anymore
Enough about me
I will show my changing self to you
In your days ahead
But in the end, I’ll be fine
Give me a few thousand years
I have weathered trauma before
I am not worried for myself
Look up!